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March 18, 2022
June 21, 2023

Describe an important historical event

Bài học từ cái tên

Bài học từ cái tên

Describe an important historical event
You should say:
• what event it is
• when it happened
• who or what was involved in it and explain why you think it is an important historical event

  • SAMPLE 1:

Honestly, everytime I am asked about history, I am always eager to talk about Vietnam war, which ends in 1975 and this is one of the historical highlights of our countryVietnam undergone hundreds of years under the colonization of foreign invaders and this is the last war before a new era of peace and independence is opened for us. It is an unforgettable period of history for several reasons.

Firstly, it is the courageous fighting spirit of Vietnamese people. Our country was divided into Northern and Southern parts. Communication at that time was almost impossible and people across the country were living in poverty and destitute conditions. However, our soldiers still fought very bravely with the help and support from ordinary people.

Secondly, this is remarkable because hardly anyone could think that we won the war. When compared to such a well-armed country like America, we never thought that we could actually defeat them. However, with the determination of the whole nation, we have our own peace back. April 30th 1975 was the day that we gained independence from the invaders and from then on, we have held annual celebrations to pay tribute to those who sacrificed for the country. I hope that Vietnamese people will never forget this important milestone of the nation.

  • SAMPLE 2:
So this question is really giving me a hard time. I actually don’t know the first thing about history, kind of embarrassing to admit this. Of course, I took History when I was in school but most of that stuff kind of went over my head. So this question is really difficult for me.

Having said that, I guess I could tell you about a historical era or more correctly an event that everybody is supposed to know about, it is the Independence day of VN. This event took place on September 2nd 1945. And of course, I learned about this event extensively when I was in school, given it was important. However, it has been a while, so my recollection of what my teacher taught me may not be very accurate, so bear with me here.

So basically before Independence day, VN was under the oppression of the French colonial empire. But after this Independence day, VN managed to break the shackles of colonization and then became a sovereign country. I think this event is a kind of usher in an era of economic prosperity, and everybody’s lives became dramatically better. So I guess I’m not that interested in history or this event as I was saying, but I think I should be. I think it would give me an appreciation for our nation and our heritage, our heart, our forefathers.


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